Tamara Lane - AMENITIES

The Tamara Lane is one of the most secured and highly child-friendly community because of its location, built-in facilities, and available amenities. All these are yours to enjoy. 

The entire community is themed no less than a natural, well-maintained park where trees sufficiently supply fresh and clean air and space provide free-spirited dwellers to soar high with their dreams. Water splashes soothe tired bodies from work and vastness of tall tree vegetation provides a natural habitat for birds and other flying creatures. Truly, the Tamara Lane is a sweet paradise within the heart of a busy metropolis. 

Some of the best features exclusive to The Tamara Lane:

It has a fully secured entrance: There is a 24-hour shifting security personnel that assists incoming and outgoing people, document and screen them as needed. Entrance and exit gates are located in one spot divided by a Guard House to maximize security and control. On strategic locations, security guards on foot patrol are assigned to randomly check the area. 

As an added security feature, the entire 8-hectare community has a protective perimeter wall to fence out non-residents and other unauthorized people and to protect the rest of its residents. These perimeter walls indicate the exclusivity of the entire residential community from its neighboring properties. Security Guards are also doing random check in these areas. 

Enjoy a beautiful experience living at the Tamara Lane because of the tree-lined streets. The environment is really very cool all over because of these trees that provide ample shade. By the way, inner access roads are wider and clean to facilitate ease of movement. At night, these streets are well-lighted too. The side streets and the concrete pavement right along the gutter will be a good place for early morning jogs. Brisk walking, for those who want this type of morning or late afternoon exercises, can also be done here

For whatever purpose it may take, the open multipurpose court is here to serve your needs. Be it an open door sports tournament, a community/family day or just a usual basket or volleyball games, this place will be of great help for everyone. The youngsters in the community may not need to go somewhere else to play because right within the safe grounds of The Tamara Lane is an open place for them to enjoy their favorite sports. During early mornings, this open court can also serve as a nice yoga place.

The Lap Pool for adults and the Kiddie Pool are also here to make sure that weekends are well-spent by families. These pools are open for available for everyone to enjoy. Also, a nice place to socialize, neighbors and community members to meet and greet. 

There is also a huge and a well-maintained clubhouse which serves multiple purposes. It can be a venue for closed and private gatherings of the community as well as a nice and beautiful place for private family affairs like weddings, birthday parties, anniversary gatherings, christening, among others. With ample reservation time, the multi-purpose clubhouse will truly give residents quality time to spend with their families. 

Kiddie Playgrounds are available as well for your kids to enjoy their free time. It is very nice to know that our kids can enjoy their free time playing with fellow kids, make friends and learn the art of socialization at a young age on safer grounds. Our playground here is a lot better because trees are abundant and the place is within a guarded compound. 

Basketball Court is also available for all basketball game enthusiasts to enjoy. Or both men and boys, this is a good venue to practice and become healthy daily. This is also a nice place to socialize and make friends with fellow residents. 

  • Multi-purpose clubhouse
  • Adult and kiddie swimming pools
  • Children's playground
  • Tree park
  • Multi-purpose court
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